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City of Bridgeport Launches COVID-19 Pilot Program

The City of Bridgeport announces a pilot program designed to further expand COVID-19 testing opportunities for community members.

In collaboration with the State of Connecticut, Optimus Health Care, and Southwest Community Health Center, COVID-19 testing will be offered at a total of six places of worship and will be supported by a grant of $500 awarded to each faith-based location provided by 4-CT, a philanthropic organization which funds high-impact projects such as COVID-19 testing.

Health Director Lisa Morrissey stated, “The unveiling of this pilot program, designed to expand testing capacity in our community, is very exciting because it will allow people to get back to some of the things they’ve missed over the last several months such as attending services at their congregations.”

Mayor Ganim declared, “We want to keep our community healthy by providing as many testing opportunities as possible which now includes places of worship. We’ve had the largest decline for active coronavirus cases in the State and it’s thanks to both State and local leadership as well as faith leaders who get it—testing is critical.”

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