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Once upon a time … a forbidden dream. A group of teenagers not too malleable run the streets of Port- au-Prince to get their own newspaper printed in the middle of a dictatorship. Wary elders prefer to stay on the sidelines by fear of risking their lives. Almost unanimously, the printers refuse to deal with them.

The only imprudent one to give his adhesion is already blacklisted by the Duvalier’s political police. A few weeks later, he is arrested, imprisoned and tortured. These young agitators are then forced to postpone the launching of their dream publication.

It takes this project three decades to see the light… by devious paths, under other skies, under other fires, but with the same determination and the same vocation. And, perhaps, with also the same naivety!

The Haitian Voice is in fact the extension and the materialization of this youthful dream. Launched in May 2006 in the United States, this newspaper is a bridge, an open window and a catalyst for new and transformative ideas. For 13 years, we strive, against all odds, to give more visibility to the communities we serve while helping to remedy without fanfare the image deficit that the Haitian nation and its diaspora are suffering.

In the light of the defeatism of some and the demagogy of others, The Haitian Voice advocates for unity, tolerance, integrity, trans- parency, solidarity and the importance of remembrance. Our team continues to believe in the possibility of the Haitian miracle that can only be the fruit of participatory citizenship, knowledge shar- ing and self-sacrifices.

As we are celebrating our 13th anniversary this month, I want to express my gratitude to everyone whose help enables the publi- cation of this free trilingual community newspaper. Your support helps tens of thousands of people gain access to professional and credible information. Your financial contribution helps us coun- terbalance toxic propagandas and the arrogance of fierce enemies of free speech.

One moment at a time, one dream at a time, one effort at a time, we can together transform the world and change life for the glory of humanity!

—Angelucci Manigat, Jr.

Publisher and Editor in Chief

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