Remembering Joseph Emilio Revolus

Remembering Joseph Emilio Revolus

Haitian communities across the United States have been profoundly impacted by the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic. In Connecticut where a sizable percentage of the Haitian American community falls in the category of essential workers, we all have friends, co-workers, or family members who suffered from or died of this dreadful disease.

In this issue, we are honoring the memory of Joseph Emilio Revolus who died of Covid-19 complications on April 18, 2020. He was 79 years old.

Emilio – as he was known to most people – was a visionary, a pioneer whom leadership and community dedication helped pave the way for the success of thousands of immigrants.

He served as a Community Liaison for the Board of Education until retirement through the Stamford Public Schools System. He co-founded the Haitian Community Stamford, which provided a variety of urgently needed assistance to newly-arrived immigrants. He was actively involved in NAACP, the local Board of Education, Red Cross, Urban League, Urban education coalition, Child Care Centers of Stamford, and numerous other organizations.

“From left to right: U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Angeluccu Manigat, Jr., Joseph Emilio Revolus, Pascale Millien-Faustin, and Haitian Congressman Jerry Tardieu”

In 2017, at its 11th Anniversary Gala Celebration, The Haitian Voice honored Emilio with a lifetime Pioneer Award for his tireless efforts to speak on behalf of others and to help countless working families access the American Dream. U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, who attended that event, presented a certificate of appreciation to Emilio for his passion for service, advocacy, and community engagement.

Emilio is survived by his nine daughters, Pascale, Nadine, Feline, Patricia, Judith, Emmanuella, Diana, Karen, Emily, and a son, Jonathan, and thirteen plus grandchildren. His parents, Volus and Semilia

Révolus and six siblings predeceased him. The Funeral service was performed

in Norwalk, on May 9, 2020.

  • Haitian Community Center of Stamford, President
  • Stamford Youth Planning and Coordinating Agency (SYPCA), Advisory Board Member
  • Urban Education Coalition, Vice Chairman
  • South End Neighborhood Foundation, Inc., Board Member
  • Child Care Center of Stamford, Vice President
  • Board of Education, District Communications Committee Member
  • Red Cross, Language Bank Member
  • Red Cross, Disaster Team Member
  • Community Action Network on Adolescent Pregnancy/Public Information Committee Member
  • Haitian Centers Council, New York, Board Member
  • NAACP, Member
  • Complete Census Count Committee, City of Stamford
  • United Way of Stamford, Community Planning Committee Member
  • Stamford Youth Services Bureau, Advisory Board Member
  • Lower Fairfield County Act, Board Member
  • Mayor’s Multicultural Council, Board Member
  • United Way, Council of Agency Executive Member
  • Committee on Training and Employment, Inc. (CTE), Board Member
  • Advisory Commission on American and Francophone Cultural Affairs, Commissioner
  • Urban League of Southwestern Connecticut, Inc., Board Member
  • Catholic Family Services, Advisory Board Member
  • State Department of Education, Statewide Diversity Project Planning Committee Member
  • Board of Education, Early Childhood Program Council Committee Member
  • Stamford Enterprise Zone/Neighborhood Improvement Committee, Member
  • Stamford Department of health: Youth Violence Committee, Member
  • Council on Youth, Asset Committee Member
  • South End Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative Advisory Board Member
  • Reclaim our Cities and Connecticut Youth “R.O.C.C.Y” Committee Member
  • Literacy Coalition of Stamford, Board Member
  • Parent enrolment 2000, Board of Education, Committee Member

From left to right: U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Angeluccu Manigat, Jr., Joseph Emilio Revolus, Pascale Millien-Faustin, and Haitian Congressman Jerry Tardieu

Joseph Emilio Revolus: 30 years of Community Service (1976-2006)

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