Senator Blumenthal Calls for Substantial Earthquake Relief

Senator Blumenthal Calls for Substantial Earthquake Relief

Stamford, Conn. – Aug. 20, 2021 Immediately following the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on August 14, members of the Haitian American community, Connecticut elected officials and local relief organizations have been active in helping provide a robust humanitarian assistance to the population affected by this disaster.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Hope for Haiti Chief Impact Officer Meg Jean-Louis and The Haitian Voice Publisher Angelucci Manigat, Jr. held conjointly a press conference at the headquarters of Americares, a Stamford-based health- focused relief organization. The purpose of this event was to create awareness about the extent of the damages that the earthquake caused.

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They pled for the appropriate response to this earthquake that killed more than 2000 people, destroyed hundreds of homes, hospitals and health centers, and left tens of thousands injured and 6000,000 people homeless.

Senator Blumenthal reminded those looking to donate that the best thing they can do to help is to donate to legitimate charity organizations that are directly assisting on the ground. He plead to keep advocating in the senate for recovery programs that can help the earthquake victims rebuild their lives

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Kate Dischino, Americares Vice-President of Emergency Program explained how with- ing 48 hours of the August 14 catastrophe her organization sent to Haiti an airlift packed with 12 tons of medicines

and relief items that include wound care supplies, personal protective equipment, cardiovascular medica- tion and medical supplies valued at over $6 million.

Americares is working with longtime partner organization Hope for Haiti to transport the supplies to health care providers in southwestern Haiti. Products will be distributed to Hope for Haiti’s mobile medical teams pro- viding outreach in rural communi- ties as well as more than 30 partner health facilities in earthquake-affect- ed communities, including the main hospital in Jeremie.

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